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Pre-owned Pianos

Yamaha C5 Ebony 6'7"Polish
Amazing sound, superb performance.
Steinway Model "S" Baby Grand Piano in
Walnut - superb instrument.

Yamaha G3 Six-Foot Grand Piano in
Ivory Polish
Kawai Decorator Console
Top Notch Japanese Made

Mason & Hamlin - Full Upright
from the legendary maker.
Kawai Console - Immaculate Cared for.

Steinway Full Upright
restored vintage piano.
Hallet & Davis - almost new, mint condition.

Steinway 46" Studio Piano
in Ebony Satin
Baldwin Vertical Model #6000 - Grand piano sound in an upright case.

Steinway Console piano
- an affordable home piano.
Altenberg White Console - great starter piano at a spinet price!

Yamaha U1 in Ebony Polish - a fine specimen of Yamaha's legendary studio piano.
Baldwin Decorator Console -
Stunning carved woodwork on a superb instrument.

Baldwin Console - a well cared for piano in excellent condition
Knabe Baby Grand 5'3"
- Vintage piano.

Samick Decorator Console in Beautiful Cherry Case - a phenomenal value.
Kohler & Campbell Console Piano - sturdy school piano with big sound.

Samick Studio in Ebony - a fine instrument with brilliant sound at the scratch 'n' dent price
Everett Home Console Piano - value price home console.

Steinway Ebony Console - unusual art deco type case.
Munn Full Upright Piano - in great shape for it's age and an exquisite case.

Jansen Spinet Piano - great spinet action, full, bright sound.
Wurlitzer Console

We are always getting new pianos in. Why not call us (732-776-5566) or stop by to see our latest Grands, Baby Grands, Consoles, Spinets, Studios and Full Upright pianos.


Also, ask us about our 2-year trade-in policy on pre-owned pianos.